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PopularMMOs (also known as "Pat" or "Patrick", his Minecraft

No description

Mr Maloney

on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of PopularMMOs (also known as "Pat" or "Patrick", his Minecraft

PopularMMOs (also known as "Pat" or "Patrick", his Minecraft username: FuriousDestroyer,), is a YouTuber that makes Minecraft videos. He currently has 2,950,000+ subscribers and 300,000,000+ views.

He runs five series; Mob Battles, in which two monsters from different mods, or vanilla, fight each other, using the VSM mod. Another series is Mod Battle. similar to Mob Battles, but instead Pat himself fights as a superhero against monsters. He also fights as other things like Ninja, Knight, Royal Guard, etc. His other series is Epic Proportions, in which Pat plays survival with his fiancé, 'Jen' with a different modpack every season. He is currently on his 7th. His two recent series are his Minecraft Mini Games , The Challenge Games, and Minecraft Mods VS Maps. Mods VS Maps is basically when Pat uses a very destructive mod, such as the Too Much TNT Mod and uses it to destroy a map. Minecraft Mini Games is when Pat plays a game on a server, sometimes with Jen, Pat's fiancé. They got engaged on May 3rd, 2014. The Challenge Games is a series where he and Jen open lucky blocks and use the items to fight bosses from different mods. Pat also does mod showcases, and has videos on the World of Warcraft, though his channel seems to be more focused on Minecraft content. PopularMMOs has many 'pets' in his modded survival season as well.
Thank you!
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