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Alexander Calder


k b

on 30 March 2010

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Transcript of Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder Alexander Calder was born in Pennsylvania 1898 to a family of artist.
Alexader Calder is was educated in mechanical engineer in collage. Alexander Calder desided after collage he would be a painter. He used his knowledge of engineering principles
to make his kinetic moving art. Alexander Calder went to Paris to make scalptures. Alexander Calder studyed the movment of objects when strucked by a wind currents.

When an object randomly moves when a wind currents come it is called convection. These stuctures are called mobiles. The Phisics Behind Moblies In makings of a moblies the phisics of
the moblie is very importent there is:






The mass is for the object to concentrate at one point. The air currents it makes the moblies move. The currents are air density A
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