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How to entertain yourself without a computer

No description

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of How to entertain yourself without a computer

How to entertain
without a
By Octavio
Step 1
Internet down?
Computer broken?
I have the solution!
Draw something who knows you can find a new talent.
Step 2
If drawing hurts your wrist take a nap!
Step 3
If you want to look at a screen again go to the movies!
Step 4
Listen to music like paridise by coldplay
songs can just make you happy.
Step 5
Play video games it will entertain you.
I should know im a gamer!
Step 6
Do you have a pet and you dont get along well then play with your dog!
This is my dog!
Step 7
Watch tv if your bored because the new
season of the walking dead is on yay!
Final step 8
Write a story of what you did without a computer
Thanks for watching!
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