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Vision Board

No description

Xavier Wynne

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of Vision Board

My Life
High Rise condo 2025
Become Engineer by 2022
Get Truck and/or luxury car 2018-19
Travel to Bahamas 2030
Vision Board
Have personal Chef 2025
Nice Family 2040
Make 6 figures 2027
Get closer to jesus now
Forever Houstonian
By: Xavier Wynne
It matters to me because I want to live in a low maintenance place that is big enough for only me and my wife. I plan to get a job at a company as an engineer, save up my money and buy a condo. Now, I am keeping up with my grades and focus on my academics so I can get into college, which will help me become an engineer so I can pay for the condo.
This degree will help me to get a good job after my college career. I plan to get good grades in High school and College. I am participating in different engineering classes, and afterschool programs.
This is the City Im from, My heart and soul are in the streets of this city, I love Houston, I am a houstonian, and it is a big part of me.
I have always had a love for trucks and I really like GMC. I plan to get my License later on this year or my senior year in order to obtain this vehicle once I graduate. I pln on making good grades, so when I ask my parents for this vehicle they say yes.
I have always wanted to travel to a beautiful paradise like this. It is one of my main goals on my bucket list. I plan to graduate college and obtain a high paying job, and save my money up so I have enough to travel here. In high school, I am working hard to get good grades, so I can get to and through college to gain my job, so I can go to the Bahamas.
I want to know the lord better, because he is the main person pushing me to be and do better. He is the only person who will be with me the rest of my life, so I want to build a good relationship with the lord.
I want to make lots of money so I can support my family, my parents, and possibly my grandparents. My plan is to go to college to become an engineer, go to job fair at college, work with companies like Texaco, GE, Shell, etc... save my money and help my family, parents, and grandparents out. In High school, I am learning money management and financial skills in order to succeed, and my mom works at a bank so I also have some financial support.
I want someone to cook gourmet healthy food for me. I wil get a good job with lots of money involved, so I can pay my personal chef. In high school I am getting good grades so I can go to college, so I can get a good job, so I can get a personal chef.
It matters, because I want to have a beautiful wife and family that I can be responsible for. I Will marry a beautiful lady who has the same drive as me and who appeals to me I care about personality more than looks.
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