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gs students

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Macedonia


Macedonia's geography consists of mountains, basins, and agricultural land. Macedonia shares a large river with Greece called the Vardar. The Vardar is Vidal to Macedonia's agriculture and lifestyle.

Macedonia's climate consistences of average, warm, and cold climates. September a average weather month while Augusts is the warmest month.
January is the coldest month with temps as low as -4.

Macedonia's flag is honered by all macedonians.The flag was adopted in 1995 resembling the previous flag which was blue with a yellow star in the middle (to the right).Macedonia's new flag includes the sun on a bright red background (seen in backround of prezi and to the left of pictures).
Macedonia is a small landlocked country in the continent of Europe. Macedonia about the size of Vermont and is home to about 2,100,000 people. That is 600,000 people less than the city of Chicago. (roughly 2,700,000 people).
Macedonia's flag
Macedonia held around 735,000 tourrists in 2014.Top attractions in Macedonia is Mavrovo Lake,Stone Bridge,Kokino,and the recently renovated Skopje (The capital of Macedonia).
Mavrovo Lake
Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great is a great treasure Macedonia still holds. Alexander, born to king and Queen Olympia, lived form 356-323 B.C. After Alexander's Father died he gained control over the Macedonian Army. Alexander went on to conquer Persia, Egypt, Greece, and even Afganistan at one point
Alexander's famous quote.
Macedonia's goverment is called the republic of Macedonia.The republic has a civil law system, a system using concepts, categories, and rules diverted from the original roman law, and a suffrage age of 18.The head of this government is Prime Minister Nikola GRUEVSKI
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