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Segment two: HOPE

Sportsmanship Project

Carla Peavy

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Segment two: HOPE

By: Carla Peavy Sportsmanship Orientation Itinerary When arriving in Australia, unpack, and get room ready for supper at 7 with the rest of the team.
Go to supper, then go to late night practice, to get to know how practices are.
Go back to hotel room, then go to bed.
Wake up the next morning, go to breakfast with your team, then morning practice.
Learn the songs that is to be preformed in a week.
After following the daily schedule, one week later, preform the songs learned in a live concert with your team!
Have fun! Sport! The traveling team has been invited to participate in the Super 15 Rugby tournament! People in Australia cherish the sport called 'Super Rugby'. The Super 15 Rugby tournament is the #1, most watched sport in the country. Culture! One common phrase/word is 'Barbie'. They use this word in a way like 'Put the steak on the barbie!' Barbie means Barbecue!
Australians commonly greet people by shaking hands. They tend to use their right hands.
Look them into the eyes too. This is considered respectful!
In Australia, people value personal space. So, don't get to close!
If you aren't satisfied with the service, you don't have to tip. Normally, tipping is the same in Australia, as it is in the US. Communication! Scenario 1: Languages differences. Ways to solve this problem are 1: Have a human translator. 2: Get an electric translator. 3: Wing it! Scenario 2: Getting separated among the group. Ways to solve this problem are 1: Pre-paid phones, 2. ALWAYS stay together, 3: Follow the buddy system! Interpersonal Problems Scenario 1: Some people might get annoyed easily with others on the team. Ways to solve this problem are 1: work it out by talking, 2: ignore each other, 3: laugh it off! *No arguing or violence! Scenario 2: Some people might want to do something others do not. Ways to solve this are, 1: Bring everyone, 2: Bring only the ones that want to go, 3: don't go at all. Teamwork & Diversity Challenges Cooking dinner at night will call for some teamwork! The options are
A: One person voluntarily do everything
B: Half cook, half clean.
C:Everyone be assigned certain jobs. No one in the team have the same brain, so there will be diversity problems. Solutions are:
A: listen quietly
B:Talking things out like the mature people we are.
C: Let instructors decide everything.
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