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#1: Comprehensive Wireless for the Enterprise

No description

Black Box

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of #1: Comprehensive Wireless for the Enterprise

Mission Critical
This wheel separates Mission Critical, Staff Satisfaction and Facilities into different wireless categories to avoid negative impacts caused by any overlap.
An enterprise's mission represents the overall purpose of the enterprise; therefore, the mission critical wireless should be managed separately to avoid interference from the other wireless categories. Enterprise communications, Smartphone data, laptop data, location and the VoIP are all initiatives that drive mission critical wireless.
Wireless Needs Overall
Staff Satisfaction
Ideally, staff should be able to conveniently use their personal devices without encountering issues due to limitations from the in-building wireless. Without comprehensive wireless, employees face potential guest net restrictions leaving them unsatisfied. Personal wireless devices should run just as well within the enterprise as they do at home. Personal data and communications such as tablets, Smartphones, apps and social networks all have a large impact on the wireless that drives staff satisfaction.
Comprehensive Wireless
for the Enterprise

All of the different wireless uses can be overwhelming, so we created a visual to show how and why the different wireless categories should be separated.
Comprehensive Wireless for the Enterprise
When it comes to safety concerns, managing the wireless needs individually is crucial. Public safety and maintenance are two of the most important wireless initiatives driving facilities. Wireless issues interfering with enterprise operations could potentially result in major consequences. The fire department, police department, EMS, surveillance and maintenance/operations are all affected by the wireless needs for facilities.
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