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5.4 World History

No description

Allie Kampmeyer

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of 5.4 World History

Theory of Special Relativity
Albert Einstein was the person that came up with this advancement. It affected the 20th century by transforming theoretical physics and astronomy. This was created in 1906
Model of the atom
Discovery of the neutron
The discovery of the neutron was founded by James Chadwick. It affected the 20th century by making it possible to create other science discoveries later on in life. The neutron was found in 1932
Greatest to least
I think that the model of the atom was the most important because the scientist were able to see what they were working with. Then I think that discovery of the neutron is the next important because it helped scientist understand what was going on in a atom and also gave them chances to take the discovery further. The least I think would be the Theory of Special Relativity because It didn't really help much, many scientist were able to create stuff with it but it was something huge.
The model of the atom was created by Niels Bohr. The model of the atom affected the 20th century by changing the way people may have looked at atoms. This was created in the year 1913
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