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Islam Religion

No description

Ryan Johnson

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Islam Religion

Religion of Islam
Ryan Johnson
Felix Ceja-Martinez Corde Outlaw Benjamin Calbert Taylor McRenyolds

Islam of Today
Islam, today, is not just a religion, it is also a life style.
Hajj To Mecca
The purpose of the Hajj is a journey of transformation to help Muslims connect with their faith and walk in the footsteps of their prophet. The Qur'an states that one of the duties of all Muslims is to go to the holy city, Mecca, at least once in their lives.
What are the consequences?
If you steal you do not have a hand!
Āsi is one of three of the biggest sins in the Islam religion.
It is the word for being disobedient.
Allah =
Allah is an aerobic word, meaning "One true god".
It is not in most Middle Eastern religions!
Islam Clothing
Muslim men wear the traditional long white robes.
Muslim women wear the traditional long black robes called Abayas and black cloths covering their faces. They wear this, because they think Allah wants them to cover up
Law Number 22
Islam and the "Nation of Islam", are two different things. The "Nation of Islam" is mostly made of African American citizens, in the USA who want to be Muslims.
The Nation of Islam flag and the Islam flag are different.
This is the Islamic flag.
If a part of Kurr water freezes to ice, leaving a quantity which is not equal to a Kurr, and then najasat reaches it, it will become najis, and water obtained from the melting ice also will be najis.
Law Numer 345
In all kinds of Ghusls, except the Ghusl of Mayyit, the jabira Ghusl is like jabira Wudhu. However, in such cases one should resort to Ghusl al-tartibi.
The Basics of Islam Video!
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