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Europe After the Fall of Rome

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Faith Haag

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Europe After the Fall of Rome

Chapter 9.2
We will analyze Europe and the Church after Rome fell.

Middle Ages
Period that lasted from about 500 to about 1000ad
Medieval: another name for
Middle Ages

Christianity Spreads to Northern Europe

Northern Europe was not Christian yet, only Italy and Spain were
Missionaries: people who try to change (convert) others to their religion
sent them to Northern Europe
Traveled far distances
Many missionaries were given the title “Saint”
Saint: a religious title given to people famous for their holiness
Mid 400’s ad
Patrick is a saint that traveled from Britain to Ireland
to travel to Northern Europe

Pope: Church Leader
Priests: Head of individual churches
Monks and Nuns: Lived in monasteries, converted people,
lived by strict rules, monks transcribed the bible (made copies by hand)

Structure of the Roman Catholic Church
Monks- religious men who lived apart from society
and meditation
Lived in monasteries
They could communicate with other monks because they all spoke
Ran schools, collected ancient writings, copied books
Made their own
clothes and food

Monastery: a community where monks lived
Abbott: the head of the monastery

Saint Benedict: Italian monk in the early 500’s
Created the Benedictine Rule
--How to dress,
, and behave

Franks: (from Gaul)
Clovis- 1st Frank King to become Christian
Strong Kingdom
Franks Build an Empire
Brilliant warrior and a strong
Spent much of his time at

Built a huge Empire by helping European tribes
realize that they shared the common bond of Christianity
Pope Leo III
him ‘Holy Roman Emperor” on Christmas Day 800ad
Pope Leo III did this because he wanted to place himself above the King
Charlemagne built schools and brought
to capital city of Aachen

Vikings: (North) Scandinavia
Vikings could sail their ships up European rivers
Moors – (South) Spanish/African Muslims
Magyars- (East) Warriors

Invaders threaten Europe
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