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Senior Project

No description

Kenya Ramirez

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Senior Project

Finding inspiration
Feeling pressured to finish project
Coming out of shell
Creating a Book to Motivate Teenagers
Sparking Inspiration:

Adolescent Depression
Personal Statement
Journal Entries
Teenage Woes
Recognized first symptoms at 13
Questioned my feelings
Overcame struggle by junior year
Meet JJ
Through the power of positive affirmations and inspirational stories and quotes,teenagers can get through difficult times.
Publish more copies
Continue helping others
Become a Registered Nurse
Power of Positive Affirmations
20% teens diagnosed
70% never treated
2 million attempt suicide
Optimal Optimism
Aids immune system
Broadens perspective
Affects physical health
by: Kenya Ramirez

JJ: "The book taught me that there is a lot to look forward to in life and it's important to be happy and enjoy life."
Name:Jose Juarez Age:16
Finished Product
Thank you!
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