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UXpert Portfolio Presentation - old

No description

NItzan Avitouv

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of UXpert Portfolio Presentation - old

Programmer, Graphic Designer & Animator

Head of Productions - Pineapple

VP Product - Animated Greetings

VP Product and UX - Personeta

BA - Business Administration (Honors), TA University

Member of UXI org. leading team
Why Us
We make our customers happy
Proven track record

Diverse Experience

Winning combination of skills

Simple solutions for complex problems

Fun to work with

Nitzan is an exceptional project manager and User Experience designer. Nitzan was the "go to" guy that led the development of numerous extremely complex projects (an Internet service, Electronic Yellow Pages, advertising on demand, interactive TV and interactive multimedia training CD) that required the perfect balance of creativity, technical and business acumen. He has the ability to translate complex concepts into meaning applications. It was a pleasure working with Nitzan and I highly recommend him.”

Robert Kietzman
Director Corporate Development - Strategic Planning, Product & Service Dev, Product Management
When it comes to quality and attention to details Nitzan is second to none. To-date, and I have worked with many people thus far, I have yet to find anyone that has as comprehensive view of designing a software product as Nitzan has it.
From the fundamentals of user experience to the smallest line in the budget, Nitzan is one person you can hand off a project to, and see him again when it's time to review the finished goods.”

Ofer Tenenbaum
Pineapple Multimedia and GreetMe.com
I would like to thank Nitzan for the design work he has done for the Israel Railways. His work was very precise and professional. He has quickly grasped the complex requirements and translated them into a very clear design document. I would also like to mention his pleasant personality and dedication to work."

Yehuda Salant
Smart Ticketing Systems Project Manager
Israel Railways
I worked with Nitzan on an iPhone application for LeumiCard. Nitzan has led the UX design and application development. The application has exceeded our expectations by far and received enthusiastic reviews both internally and from customers.
It was recommended by Apple and was ranked among the first apps in user reviews and downloads.
The project was run in a very professional and methodoogical manner and met the tight deadlines.
It was a real pleasure working with him."

Moshe Orenstein
Project Manager
Leumi Card
User Experience Design - UCD
Application Development
Graphic Design
Expert Review
Usability Testing
Party Planning Site
Online Pension Policy Purchase
Clal Pension & Kariv Insurance
SBC Internet Services
Online Guided Tour (1995)
Benefits and Bills
Leumi Card - iPhone
Medical Application
Maccabi Health - iPhone
User Reviews
Israel Railways
Ticketing Vending Machine
Live Broadcast of Elections Results
Israeli TV
Israeli TV
Song Contest Scoreboard
Thank You
Stock Market
Bank Hapoalim - iPhone
Personeta - Element Management System
Globul Telecom (Bulgaria)
Office Zone
AnimatedGreetings (1996)
Mobile Office
Globus Telecom (Russia)
Recommended by Apple
Top Downloads
User Reviews
Business Transaction Management
Top downloads
Recommended by Apple
User Reviews
e x p e r i e n c e m a t t e r s
Stock Market iPad app
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