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White tiger

No description

Bradley Duncan

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of White tiger

Double click anywhere & add an idea White Tiger by:Ashton, Bradley, and Zyaire Characteristics They are born by bengal tigers that have a special gene that carries white coloring. They are great swimmers and also are carnivores. Homeostasis White tiger hairs have reluctantly been shown to conduct UV to the skin like little bright fiber conduits. Structural Adaptations They have powerful limbs and a strong backbone so they can leap to catch prey. Behavioral Adaptations They are primarily nocturanal but active during the day in the winter.To mark their territory they spray urine together (like most cats)

Ecosystem/Food Web Rainforests and dense grasslands are their ecosystem. White Tigers eat peacock,sambengaur,bear,and nilgai. A White tiger can eat up to forty pounds. Consequences of Change in Abiotic Factors If there are too many tigers in the area there would not be enough food. Also deforestation might cause some White tigers not to have a home. Sources
Indianchild.com/white tigers
Google.com/tigers food chain
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