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Shintoism Doctrine and Beliefs

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joseph jeong

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Shintoism Doctrine and Beliefs

Shintoism Doctrine and Beliefs They believe that Japan and the Japanese people came into a being by the deity or the Kami. Basic Belief Kami The Creation:
The first gods were two siblings- Izanagi and Izanami.
They came down from heaven and summoned a house out of the sea with a spear.
They got married and had babies.
different gods were born through Izanami.
Izanami gave birth to the islands of Japan and the descendants of the emperors are from Izanagi. Background of Kami They believe in demons, like the Tengu, that helps you to be strong in difficult situations Kami is the Japanese word for divinity, or the supreme being. It is the gods that exist in the world, in nature. Meoto Iwa They believe that life has been given by the Kami and that human nature is sacred. Human Nature They believe that suffering is not a form of punishment from a human behavior, but a natural element of human experience Punishments and Sufferings They have a positive view of the human nature. They viewed each man as an individual personality and considered each and everyone special They regarded each man as the bearer of a long history from his ancestors and therefore needs to continue in his descendants. Afterlife Before Buddhism was introduced, they believed that those who died went to a hellish place where they would stay for eternity. They believe that Kami is the source of human life and existence. Kami (again) They believe in ancient gods and spirits (the Kami) They believe that each Kami has a divine personality and answers prayers. They believe that the Kami will reveal makoto to the people and guide them to live in accordance to it. it means sincerity and the will of the Kami There are lots of "dos and don'ts" rule in shintoism They believe that sincerity is the essence of all ethical thought and behavior. They believe that they have to be pure and clean through rituals Purity rituals are often done at a shrine or temples Purity rituals symbolizes the inner purity necessary to be a true human and to have a true spiritual life Buddhism introduced the idea of having a reward or punishment for an afterlife. There is an old saying in Japan, "Born a Shinto and die a Buddhist." They believe that when they die, they eventually become one with the spirit and one with nature. Cite Sourced: http://www.religionfacts.com/shinto/index.htm http://www.world-religions-professor.com/shintobeliefs.html http://www.patheos.com/Library/Shinto/Beliefs
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