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Prezi Demo


Tonya Floyd-Bradstock

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Prezi Demo

A living presentation tool. It's visualization and storytelling without slides.
Your ideas live on stage and on the web. z What is Prezi? How Prezi works... Content Menu Add and edit content and appearance of elements within
your Prezi In Prezi everything is about size, orientation.
Zebra is a simple tool that lets you arrange things and shows you what is selected. Transformation Zebra Adding Content Text Arrows Weblinks Flash Animations Video Sound Powerpoint Presentations Highlighting Freehand PDF's Excel Files http://utoledo.edu Interface and shortcuts somewhat cumbersome Prezi Cons No print function Limited text and layout editing (free version) Continuous SWF file playback Could be confusing for viewers Learn more: Need more Prezi? http://prezi.com/manual/ prezi.com Visit: http://prezi.com/profile/upgrade/ Graphics http://bit.ly/ Prezi
Demo One

Two Staff Assist Ambulation Transfers Independent


Wheelchair Safe Mobility Guide-pt saety ppl Independent

Partial Assist
[Staff lift < 35#, Pt FWB]
Non power Sit to Stand

Moderate Assist
Powered Sit to Stand w/ sling
[Staff lift >35# + Pt WB ≥1 leg]

Total Dependence
[Full lift with sling]
e.g. Lift with no ceiling or floor
support visible schematic Max
Assist Sit-to
Stand Total Dependence Moderate/Power Assist Partial Assist Other options for transfers: potential icons
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