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Navigating our Navigation of VR

No description

Jordan Friedman

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of Navigating our Navigation of VR

Navigating our Navigation of VR
Becoming more familiar with the tech
Project Planning
Based on our research, we wanted to create an interactive scene of a place that was visually appealing and historically significant. Though the Baha'i temple was beautiful and we had a fantastic time with Steve - a millionaire who casually volunteers at the Baha'i Temple and bought us all books - we were not able to get permission to photograph inside the temple in time. So, we settled on The Rock. From there the story grew to encompass its history and even the rocks on the Lakefill.
User Research
We conducted several interviews with different companies and news organizations that are producing Virtual Reality content, as well as users of VR. We also tested out different VR news apps via Google Cardboard to get a sense of what worked and what didn't.
What we learned
Capture stories that can elicit emotion and empathy
VR is one of the closest things we can get to teleportation - immerse user
Use VR to highlight places people may not be able to go to / behind the scenes
Think about where people are going to look/how to guide them
Something people can interact with
More "feature-esque" stories/ in-depth coverage, not necessarily for breaking news
Make the experience worth the level of involvement

Storyboarding ft. Tiltbrush

What assets we want and where they'll be placed
Journalism in action
searched for and interviewed couples
Went through NU archives
Filmed clips
Photographed rocks

Well, we tried
*shout-out to Rebecca
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