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pineapple ewoks

my new culture

Serena Kozusko

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of pineapple ewoks

+ = pineapple ewoks! Pineapple ewoks gOvernment anual meeting to discuss trading and hiding
monarchy-queen of all of the tropical ewoks and cheif pineapple Arts top pineapple chef-favorite tv show
pineapple races-monthly Leisure catch the pineapple
create pineapple puppet shows Kinship Father-head of family
mother-organizes trading supplies
usually 2-3 children education boys-learn how to hunt pineapples
girls-learn how to organize trading goods and supplies for the family
all-learn ritual dance to honer pineoppolis economy women-organize family supplies and trading goods
hunt for pineapples
religion worship the great god pineoppolis this presentation is a production from pineapple ewoks inc. Men-hunt for pineapples
Women-organize trading supplies and family resources
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