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Activity 12

No description

Jessica Sandoval

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Activity 12

Activity 12
1. The purpose of chapters one and two is to show how he was from another person's point of view before his death, than to show that he died.
2. The author wrote in the order that he found the information when he was retracing Chris McCandles journey
3. The introduction to each chapter usually ends after the epigraphs.
4. The function of the last paragraph in each chapter is to transition into what he is going to be doing next, and what is thought process is at that moment.
5. The point of focusing on Carthage, South Dakota, and on Westerberg in chapter 3 is that it is where he had stood in the longest and it was the possible that he felt really close. Especially who he felt was completely genuine with him.
6. It started out with Westerberg talking about his experience with "Alex" than it talks about how Chris got there up to when he left. It helps give us more insight.
Activity 17
1. Starts off with him walking into the wild, than it traces back to show how he got there.
2a.He made the belt to keep track of all of his memories and it represented all the memories that he had on his journey. He felt the need to explain to others because it is not a common thing; the stories that it told was his journey into the wild.
2b. The belt is a summary of McCandless's life up to that point because it hold all his memories.
3. Probaly quotes and dates of special events that happened.
Activity 23
Activity 27
Krakuaer does make an attempt to make a case for the alaskan wisdom but
Chapter 8: Describes how Chris McCandless felt about the situation he found himself in.
Chapter 9: Krakauer tries to compare Chris to past supertramps.
Chapter 10: Krakauer emphasizes that McCandless's story
They are other supertramps but they were a lot smarter with their actions and were well equip.
1. Yes, chronological order would of made it a lot less confusing.
2. He should've described Chris's imerfect life.
4. Nothing much in my poinion.
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