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The Great Gatsby: False Love

No description

thugeetha chan

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby: False Love

The Great Gatsby: False Love
Tragic Love
Great Gatsby the novel is a tragic love story of lost love and lust corrupting individuals in their lives. Many would agree that this novel is an example of the "great American love story" but it is not.
Fitzgerald uses the theme "love" as a comparison for the facade of the " American Dream". The characters experience false love through destruction, violence and affairs.
Gatsby and Daisy's love goes way back, before all his money and fame. Gatsby was in love with Daisy, or with the dream of Daisy or it could be the idea of being in love? Since Gatsby wasn't always wealthy at the time he
Tom & Daisy

Tom doesn't show much love and/or nurturing for either of his women.
He cheats on his wife, and beats his mistress.
Tom only loved Daisy because she was a pretty face he thought that he deserved her. They had some kind of affection and "loyalty" for each other, but it is pretty clear that it is not love. And Daisy was only with Tom for his money.
Tom & Myrtle
Tom didn't love his mistress Myrtle at all, she was just a women he told he loved and was having an affair with. But as well as Myrtle didn't love Tom either. She was just with him for his status money, her husband was very po0r she didn't care for him at all, she just wanted to have the good life.
Nick & Jordan
Nick never really was mentioned in the story with the theme of love in mind. However, Nick only was attracted to Jordan because of her "extended full length" body and for her looks and charm. Jordan really wouldn't have gotten into a relationship with Nick because he was poor and rich women do not date poor men. But Jordan and Nick are happy enough to do some summer loving together, but its pretty obvious there not in it forever or long term.
In conclusion, I personally believe that the only character in the book that really loved and understood their significant other was George Wilson.
Many of the character's in The Great Gatsby showed love, a twisted fake love. Their different social backgrounds and focus on reality kept them from grasping their dreams of true love. Some interpreted it for power, dominated, want of money, or even obsession.
Gatsby & Daisy
had left her and vowed to return as a wealthy man, but Daisy grew tired and went for the man that bought her a expensive pearl necklace. But when Daisy realized how rich Gatsby was again she was attracted to him again even though she was currently married to Tom.
BY:Thugeetha C
Miss. Katherine McIntosh
27 May 2015
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