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UDHR vs. U.S. Constitution

Comparison between the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights and the United States Constitution

Lanie Bennett

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of UDHR vs. U.S. Constitution

Brief History and Significance
Philadelphia Convention
Ratified July 17, 1787
Revision of the Articles of Confederation
Lay Fundamental Groundwork for the New Nation
Founding Fathers
Legally Binding
Considerable Governmental Law
Declarative Statement
Governmental Regulation
Bill of Rights
Civil Liberties
Important Amendments
Amendment Five
People Guaranteed Security of Person
Governmental Amendments
Prohibition, Congressional Pay and Term Length, Democratic Form of Government
Amendment Six
Fair, Impartial, Speedy Trial
Amendment One
Freedom of Press, Religion, Assembly, and Speech
Amendment Fourteen
Prohibition of Slavery
Amendment Fifteen
People Born Inside U.S. are Citizens
Amendment Sixteen
Right to Vote Regardless of Race or Previous Slavery Standing
Differing Amendments/Articles
"Hot Topic" Issues
Purpose of Document
Personal Liberty
Government Regulation and Formation
Time Period in Which Each was Written
World War II
American Revolution
Difference in Committees
Both Genders
All Men
Brief History and Significance
Adopted December 8, 1948
Direct Result of WWII
Promote Peace Throughout the World
United Nations
Human Survival
Prevent Genocide and War
Little to No Governmental Law
No Legal Binding
Commission on Human Rights
Important Articles
Article One
People Are Free and Equal
Article Three
Life, Liberty, and Security of Person
Article Sixteen
Right to Marry and Start a Family
Article Ten
Speedy Trial
Article Nineteen
Freedom of Religion
Article Four
Prohibits Slavery
Articles Six and Seven
Everyone is a Person Before the Law
Some Articles and Amendments Mirror One Another
Ex: Article Ten and Amendment Six
Article Nineteen and First Amendment
Issues on Slavery
Both Written by Leaders in the World
Constitution: Founding Fathers
UDHR: Commission on Human Rights
Both Set Groundwork For Higher Purpose
Both Still Used Today
The Constitution and the UDHR both mirror and contrast each other in various ways. Ultimately, they work hand-in-hand to keep the United States as one of the most powerful nations in the entire world. However, due to its specificity and concentration on the individual, we currently believe that the UDHR is the superior governing document.
UDHR vs. U.S. Constitution
Lauren Antley
Brittani Beggs
Lanie Bennett
Brittany Bjugstad
Derek Blanton
Kristin Blocker
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