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Making a Lasting Impression- The "CLOSURE"

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Germaine Brooks

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of Making a Lasting Impression- The "CLOSURE"

The defining element of the closure activity is that which your students will soon come to realize: class isn’t over until it has taken place.
The bonus added-value factor, of course, is this: as they come to realize that the closure activity is an essential part of the overall lesson!!
The Lesson's Not over Until it's Closed
EQ:Do you want your students to attach personal meaning and relevance to what they glean from your daily lessons?
An effective "Closure" activity at the end of each class period can help with that objective otherwise known as a last impression!
The Closure
Ask Questions
Activities for Closing Activities
If you are running short on time:

The intellectual work should be done by the students

not the instructor summarizing for the students and telling them what they learned.
The Aha!!
Making a Lasting Impression-Winning with The "CLOSURE"
In the past, we've believed the Direct Instruction component of a lesson to be the most important part of a lesson. While it is important, it's vital that we know that the CLOSURE of our lesson is just as important

Reinforcing what students have learned, closure activities also serve as an assessment tool with which to evaluate your students retention level—Did they get it?—as well as your own effectiveness.
The closure allows you to see where the students are to assist you in planning for the next lesson.
How do you know if your students got it?
What's one thing you learned today?
How does today's lesson impact your understanding?
How would you summarize today's lesson for someone who wasn't here?
What was the most significant learning from today?
What "a-ha" did you have today?
What was the most difficult concept in today’s lesson?
On a scale of 1-5—using your fingers—rate today's lesson. To eliminate peer pressure, have everyone close their eyes.
Gauge your students using a quick formative assessment.
What are the elements of the "Closure"
in an Ideal Standards Based Classroom?
The STUDENTS summarize the learning experience.
Strategies are shared by the students
connections are made by the students and the teacher
feedback is provided to correct misconceptions
Anticipatory Quiz
How do your students know your lesson is over
What is the last component in a lesson called based on the instructional framework?
Name at least three activities you use to close a lesson?
What is the purpose of the "Closure"?
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