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5 important events in the renaissance

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Olivia Martins

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of 5 important events in the renaissance

4 important events in the renaissance
most important events during the renaissance
January 1st 1420 Brunelleschi created linear perspective, which is where all of the lines in a painting or drawing meet one vanishing point which maked the drawing or painting look 3D and more realistic.
Johann Gutenberg invents the printing press
January 1, 1445 Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press, which is now used for news paper, books, and is now called a printer. you use it every day, it is used for everything that has printed words/ letters.
Michelangelo paints the Sistine chapel
January 1, 1514 Michelangelo begins painting the ceiling of the Sistine chapel it includes many biblical scenes and it is one of the most known/ most important pieces of art from the renaissance.
Leonardo Da Vinci paints "The Last Supper"
The last supper is a biblical piece, it shows the last supper from final days of Jesus's life. it is a very important piece of renaissance art, and one of the most famous pieces by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Brunelleschi creates linear perspective
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