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Issues,stopping economy of Kazakhstan

No description

Alisher Argynbekov

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Issues,stopping economy of Kazakhstan

Issues causing economy slow down CORRUPTION Abuse of power No purpose to stay in Kazakhstan after school Corruption is one of the most dangerous problem in Kazakhstan.Below we give a complete translation of the dispatches Ordway provided to us by WikiLeaks, dated March 4, 2006: 1. Corruption in Kazakhstan - it is extremely common, affecting all sectors, from education to health care. Kazakhstan's perception of influence and acceptability of different forms of corruption varies. While one critic of large-scale corruption in the highest echelons of business and government, most Kazakhs take "everyday" bribes and kickbacks as a necessary remedy for negligence or bureaucratic system. Regardless of perception, pervasive corruption in the Kazakh society weakens regulation, and reduces civil liability. End summary. The level of corruption As in other post-Soviet states, corruption in Kazakhstan - is not just an isolated practice of social elites, but rather a ubiquitous and socially entrenched and touches all levels of society. Bribery is its most recognizable form, despite the fact that the use of kickbacks, hidden sharing arrangements and extortion also prevail in Kazakhstan. Moreover, corruption extends to law enforcement and the judicial system, health and dental care, regulatory and licensing authorities, border control and control of import / export and the press and media Relation to the corruption While in Kazakhstan strongly criticized the political and business-related corruption at the highest level, majority are tolerant of a street version of corruption. In fact, corruption is so widespread that the locals hardly distinguish it from the daily flow of life. On the contrary, corruption in the form of bribes and kickbacks, sharing conventions and trade-offs are often seen as a way to bypass the incredibly slow bureaucracy, or a certain degree of freedom of expression in an unstable system. Comment: In the context of Kazakhstan's corruption is the worst offender in that slowly undermine the institution of law, education and democracy. While the process is getting worse, the incentive to engage in corruption is becoming stronger and fight it gets tricky. It is very difficult to judge whether or when the beat Kazakhstan Kazakhstan will cope with this problem. In a country with a centralized authority and poorly developed sense of civic responsibility is just a demonstration of political will may reverse the current trend. However, all indications are that such a demonstration will be conducted in the near future. End of comment.
Nowadays,there is difficult to do anything in Kazakhstan without any external power.By external power I mean help of high ranked people,who have ability to do things,that simple person can't.It become huge problem,because all power is concentrated in certain group of people.For example if somebody wants to enter in definite university should have Education ,Money or...... relative who can help you enter without any problems.So it the main problem that it is disbalance between those who really needed to be studying in this university and those who have "good links" Unemployment there is on epmore problem ,which is unemployment.In April 2012. Unemployment in Kazakhstan amounted to 475 thousand people "Officially the end of April 2012. Registered with the employment offices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 68.1 thousand people (excluding those included in the participants' Employment Program 2020 "). The proportion of registered unemployed stood at 0.8% of the economically active population (as of April 2011. - 0.7%) ", - said in a press release agency.

According to the agency, in April 2012. hidden unemployment was 0.4% of the economically active population.

In the economy in the period, were employed 8.5 million people. Compared to the same period last year their number increased by 290.1 thousand persons or 3.5%. The number of employees in the period amounted to 5.8 million (68.1% of total employment). there is different reasons why kazakh student don't want to stay in Kazakhstan.First of all ,majority of students are willing to study in foreign universities,because they like trend universities,such as Cambridge,UCL,Harvard and etc.Second of all,student are not given work ,because they don't have enouph experience.So,there is no purpose to stay in Kazakhstan after school and there are reason to go to foreign countries Unappropriate use of natural resources In the deep 90s,our economy was very weak,and our country needed finance to build up our economy.So we started to sell our natural resources,such as oil and gas.Then,our economy become more strong ,because of selling them.But now ,the amount of gas and oil are descending.Furthermore we just selling them without processing,which is inefficient to economy of our country as well...
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