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Phenomenal Woman

No description

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Phenomenal Woman

Senior Portfolio Project
Getting To Know Me ( :
"Phenomenal Woman" is about a woman who doesn't let anyone's opinion or words get to her . African American Women have to have confidence in them selves when they feel no one else does. African American don't have to look a certain way to fit in. Being yourself and loving yourself is within. It's okay to be different , just because your different doesn't make the person next to you better than you. It shows that your a leader and not a follower. Believe in yourself and everything else will fall in place.
Research Paper
My research paper discusses the three key personality traits that African American woman should have . During , the time period of " Phenomenal Woman" African American women weren't able to have a voice. African American were also looked at differently than Caucasian women , during the Civil Rights Movement (1970s).
Time Period/ Importance

During the early 1970's African American women faced difficulties in their lives. Problems such as race and sexual matters and trying to have a right to stand for what they believed in. During the Civil Rights Movement anything the African American women contributed was dismissed"or"ignored by African American men. During the feminist movement , the white women turned against the African American women and decided they weren't going to put any input in the class issues women faced. All African American women weren't active in the feminist movement. Some created other organizations , which included African American women of all ages and sexual orientation that may pertain to African American women.
Phenomenal Woman is a character vs. self conflict and also a character vs society conflict. Everyone is their worst critic.Self-image , personality,and other situations such as racism are judged by people everyday. When you have confidence and hope in yourself the things people say about you,doesn't affect you. Personality , and loving yourself comes from within. Only you know the true you .
The product I've decided to present was a tri-fold of phenomenal women which includes pictures and facts about them.While I'm presenting I'm going to show the natural me behind the make-up.
Why this product ?

What is this product ?
My product idea that I've decided to do was create a tri-fold with Phenomenal Women.For example Maya Angelou , and Rosa Parks. I've decided to wear more make-up and while I'm presenting wipe all my makeup off to show the real me. Taking my make up shows I'm not scared to show my natural skin or to look natural behind the makeup. Also , with the tri-fold I've decided to add facts about the person under her picture.
Wrap-up ( What I Learned)
The reason I decided to choose this product because my tri-fold shows all the women who I feel contributed something to make the world a better place for African American Women. Also I'm going to take my makeup off to show that I love myself the way I am and I don't need makeup to make me feel beautiful.
What I learned from the literature work that I chose to do was to accept yourself the way you are. Don't try to fit in just because someone doesn't like the way you look or act . Your personality is what makes you stand out from everyone and what makes you unique.When you know the person you are and love yourself anyone's unkind words wouldn't destroy the person you are. Love yourself and everything else will follow behind you .
Transition To Product
My name is Amanda Adamson.I currently go to E.E Smith .I'm a senior and I've attended E.E Smith all four years.After I graduate I would like to become a cosmetologist or a RN. I have one brother , two sisters.If I could describe myself in one word I would choose new . The word new describes me because I have a new outlook on things in life and I understand why certain situations happen.Now that I'm growing up more little things that use to bother me doesn't faze me. I realize I have a bright future,ahead of me so anything that's trying to get in my way of my dreams I ignore it. The college I've decided to attend is FTCC.
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