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Danielle Steel

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Transcript of Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel
Silent Honour

In previous chapters.....
SILENT HONOR is a story of a Japanese girl Hiroko who goes to United States in 1942 to pursue education in a girls college.Her father was a professor in Japan and sent her in guardianship of his cousin Takeo who was a professor in US.
- came in Kimonos and still grappling with the reality that her US guardian and his family became americans and only retained the Japanese look

-comes across two different realizations from Americans,one that she faces racial bias and attack and other that her guardian Tak’s assistant Peter who was an american falls head over heels in love with her
Peter Jenkins/Hiroko
The romance between Peter and Hiroko is somewhat plain and not spell casting, but cute and human

1)Peter is just an everyman character, torn between his patriotic duty and sense of morality unexpected link between Hiroko's old world and her new world

2) Hiroko from a sheltered teenager with naive perceptions of the world to a stubborn and gentle woman with a strong sense of tradition and modern values
Reasons of changes or what made Hiroko brave?
1)On December 7, Pearl Harbor is bombed by the Japanese

Hiroko has become an enemy in a foreign land (Terrified, begging to go home, she is nonetheless ordered by her father to stay)
2)Hiroko gets married to Peter secretly and gets pregnant Peter is sent to war Hiroko and her relatives after going to different destinations by interrogation agencies eventually land up in another camp and start living together where it comes to light that she delivers the baby Toyo Hiroko becomes Mother and has to protect her baby
- The characters are somewhat generic although they do have some quirky moments
- Many of the characters have very little personality, but in a way this sometimes plays to the story's advantage
- The characters seem to represent different people during the war
-Hiroko is a very good character with great development and sometimes frustrating shyness
-The plot is a very accurate depection of the cruelty that was inflicted upon Japanese citizens

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