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Complexity Theory: the changing role of leadership

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on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Complexity Theory: the changing role of leadership

Complexity Theory
Non-linear Dynamics or CHAOS
Complexity Theory: The Changing Role of Leadership
Linearity vs. Non-linearity
Self Similarity at Any Dimension
Self Organizing Complex Systems
Self Similarity at All Dimensions
Looking for Patterns
Leadership in a Complex World
Old Leadership Paradigms
I'm the boss applesauce!
Vision and purpose driven decisions
Look at the environment and future

It's time to stop trying to manage and start to lead.
Create an evolving reality guided by vision

Teach knowledge and skills to
promote self-management
Inherently Creative Individuals + Increased Confidence
= Organizational Creativity and Performance
Leadership becomes a serving role
Co-Creation = Co-Accountability + Co-Responsibility
Power of trust
Value your people-express confidence
Caring and direction - not control
Training and Development
The art of leadership releases the power of tomorrow's leaders to create a better reality.

Leadership has more to do with being than doing
Transition to New Leadership Styles
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