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Computer Recognition for Kindergarten

An introduction to computers for Kindergartners to recognize the parts of a computer system.

Jeanne DeMeester

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Computer Recognition for Kindergarten

Computer Systems Tower or CPU Keyboard Mouse Printer Scanner Power Strip Monitor What Do Computer Parts Look Like? That is a good question!
They come in all shapes and sizes.
Desk top models are big.
Laptops are smaller and more easily carried about.
Notebooks or Netbooks are even smaller. There are 4 Basic Parts to a computer.
Mouse You also will most likey want some important "accessories" for your computer.
And Everyone should use a power strip with a built in surge protector!!! The mouse is used to move your "clicky" arrow around and choose which activity you want to do. A Keyboard is what we use to type in the letters and numbers.
We also use many other keys to do various tasks. you will learn about these as we learn our lessons. A printer is needed to print of documents or pictures you create. They can print photographs as well. The tower is the "brain" of the computer.
It has many, many highly sensitive parts inside of it. You may also want a scanner.
Though not necessary they come in very handy.
Scanners are used to capture a copy of a photo, document, or similar object which you want to use in your presentation on the computer. The monitor is like a TV.
It shows you the photograph you are editing, the document you are working on, or even a DvD you want to watch.
Monitors can be big and bulky or slim and flat. In many way the surge protector is the most important part. It does a lot for how small it is, it protects your costly computer from bad damage due to power surges from the electricity.
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