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Gulliver's Travels: Lilliput

English IV - 1st Period Mrs. Boyer G Hawes, V Ballesteros, W Doorey, D Lord, R Pelton, M Strickland, C Cooper, G Mello

Graham Hawes

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Gulliver's Travels: Lilliput

Gulliver's Travels Lilliput How did Gulliver
help the Locale What Guilliver and the Lilliputians learn from each other D. Gulliver teaches the inhabitants... E) Gulliver learns that... Swift is satirizing... C) In Blefusu Gulliver... C) In Lilliput Gulliver... B) Main Characters (continued) B) Main Characters B) Main Characters Gulliver is the narrator and main character. He is tied down by the Lilliputians.
Emperor of Lilliput is the ruler of Lilliput. Although the Lilliputians are only a few inches tall, they're all intimidated by him.
Mary Burton is Gulliver's wife and daughter of Mr. Edmund Burton who paid 100 pounds to marry but shows no sign of affection for her.
Richard Sympson is Gulliver's cousin who wrote a letter.
Mr. James Bates is an eminent surgeon in London. He helps Gulliver get a job as the ships surgeon. Abraham Pannell is the captain of the ship Gulliver first sails.
William Prichard is the captain of the Antelope. When Gulliver emarks for the South Seas it sinks and Gulliver is washed ashore on Lilliput.
Flimnap is the Lord High Treasurer of Lilliput. He conceives a jealous hatred for Gulliver in believing his wife is having an affair with him. Gulliver helped defeat an invasion sent by the Empire of Blefuscu
He used a rope to make a fishing line and hauled the enemies away
Gulliver stopped a fire on the Empress's royal apartment by urinating on it
After Gulliver fled from Lilliput to Blefuscu, Gulliver was considered a traitor and that Blefuscu couldn't trust him. Blefuscu's emperor threatens to start a war if he doesn't leave. Gulliver saves both the islands trouble and returns to England. Gulliver teaches the people of Lilliput
The Laws of England
Show mercy to your enemies
Told Blefuscu to worry about themselves and continue as an independent nation The Lilliputian language
He doesn't want to die for putting out the fire in the royal palace with is urine, so he escapes to Blefuscu
He doesn't want to be immortal and would rather to live life properly Swift is using Gulliver's voyages to satirize various aspects of English society. Gulliver's conflicts in the lands he visits allow Swift to discuss a number of problems. Although the Lilliputians are much smaller than Gulliver, they still managed to control him using their rope and arrows. On the other hand, England is a small country, but still managed to control the European countries, during this time. By: Viri Ballesteros, Wade Doorey, Graham Hawes, Dylan Lord, Ryan Pelton, Megan Strickland, Channing Cooper, and Greg Mello
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