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What Advocacy Means For You

What advocacy is and how to get involved

Geoff Esposito

on 5 July 2016

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Transcript of What Advocacy Means For You

What is Advocacy, How Advocacy Can Help You & Ways to Get Involved
Effective Advocacy for Education
What is Advocacy?
Yes, it is
The active support of a cause, and the process by which you try to influence policymakers
Define your request
Get the facts
Find allies
Write a plan
How Advocacy Works...
Talk to stakeholders
Take action!
Keep it going...
21.8 %
Why is Advocacy Important?
That put us FIRST in the nation for cuts!
That’s how much per pupil spending was cut during the recession.
Education in AZ has some hills left to climb...
have the tools to get us to the top!
Why is it important to be an advocate?
Local leaders have influence!
As a trusted voice, you play an oversized role
As someone in the field, you understand the impact of these policies better than most legislators
If you're an elected official, you share a constituency with them
How advocacy can help your schools
Build awareness around important education issues
Secure stable funding
Ensure we have good standards
Drive solutions to teacher retention and recruitment
Ten Steps for Effective Advocacy
Step 1: Sign up for alerts
Email or call your legislators to establish a relationship
Meet your legislator
Keep in constant communication
Sign up for the "request to speak" system
Attend a hearing
Speak at a hearing
Attend a Lobby Day at the Capitol
Be accurate, efficient and available with your local media
Attend a lobbying or campaign workshop
What would make it easier?
Contact Info & Resources
Geoff Esposito
Director of Policy & Programs
geoff@expectmorearizona.org | 480-292-3408
State Legislature
Take Action
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