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Riley Harris

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Speech

Limiting number of passengers
in teen's cars Background In March of 2009 a bill was passed in the Arkansas legislature to limit the number of passengers aloud in a 16 and 17 year old's car Cons Pros "Look at the statistics for first-year drivers. They are more likely to get in accidents. They're more likely to get in serious accidents."
-Lt. Denise Mercsak "I don't know if by changing the laws, we'll decrease the number of crashes; to change the structure of how we do things is not always the answer."
-Capt. Lonnie Sparkman Saves Teen Lives Keeps "bad drivers" under control Extra Practice Against "Going Green" Statistics don't support it Parents are at fault About 3500 teens were killed by in car crashes in 2008 Per mile driven, teens are 4 times as likely to get in a wreck per mile driven The risk increases with the number of teen passengers Most dangerous time is the first 6 months after receiving a license Risk is highest at 16- the fatal crash rate is 40% higher than 18 year olds 55% of teens say they speed by more than 10 mph Limits the amount of freedom for the first two years Causes the teen to think about their driving more This is supposed to make the teen a better driver in the future Carbon dioxide emissions from a car are 20.4 lbs per gallon 72% of nitrogen oxide in the ozone is from motor vehicles If ever car in the US carried one more passenger, we'd save 8 billion gallons of gas a year Unable to carpool- takes more cars to get places Texting and cell phone use are the biggest distraction to a teen driver, not passengers 82% of teens admit to using a cell phone while driving If we more stongly enforced the cell phone law then most of the distraction would go away It is the leading cause of death in teens, but teens aren't really faced with anything else as they are when they get older 92% of teens wear their seatbelt while only 88% of their parents do 84% of teens signal when changing lanes while only 74% of their parents do If parents had safer driving habits, then teens would be more prepared to start driving at 16 http://www.allstate.com/foundation/teen-safe-driving.aspx In Arkansas you can only have one teen passenger in the car Takes more cars to get one place
Alabama can have up to 3 passengers and Indiana can have no passengers for 180 days Getting 5 people one place would take 3 cars
Why you should listen-
Everyone either drives or rides with someone so this law effects everyone Every state has teen driving laws so there is no getting away from them Today you will learn about-
3 pros
3 cons Today you learned:
about the 1 passenger per car law
3 pros
3 cons
Now that I've presented you with both sides... You decide. http://www.cdc.gov Other States-
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