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No description

Ximeng Shang

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Dentistry

Description about the job
Dentistry is a branch in medicine that involves the diagnosis, prevention and treatments to the oral cavity.
common treatments and diagnosis:
restoration of teeth (cavities)
root canal (abscessed teeth)
common preventions:
professional cleaning
regular check-ups
self-employed practitioners.
A dentists supporting team includes:
dental assistants
dental hygienists
dental technicians
dental therapists.
Benefits and challenges of the job:
Helping people.
Good job prospects.
As population is continuing to increase, there will be a higher demand for dentists.
Similar to doctors, dentists have a high status in the community.
Dentists must stay alert to new technology.
They have to become trained to new dental instruments.
Dentists need to think carefully when investing in new technology, since medical equipments are expensive.
Dentists needs to learn how to sooth patients with their fears and make them comfortable when during treatments.
General Dentist
Cosmetic Dentists:
Oral Surgeon
Doctorate Level Careers
in Dentistry
General dentist's reputation is similar to primary care doctor of medicine.
They provide cleanings, cavity fillings, and root canals.
average of $120,000 a year.
They specialize in improving a patient's appearance than health.
Some of their jobs are:
Teeth whitening
Bonding teeth
Orthodontists specialize in jaw alignments and the positioning of teeth.
They use a variety of methods to realign teeth:
Thanks for watching!
A periodontist specializes in the tissues surrounding the teeth.
An oral surgeon provides surgical care for facial bones, teeth and jaws.
Dental Lab Technician
Dental Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Middle-level dentistry jobs
Dental assistants help dentists perform tasks, but are not fully trained for cleanings and identifying cavities.
Dental lab technicians to not work directly with a patient.
They work behind the seen, in a lab, where they:
Manufacture crowns and dental prostheses (artificial parts)
Dentist sends molds and x-rays to the lab for custom fitting.
They provide basic treatments under supervision.
They have more experience than dental assistants, which means that they earn twice the amount.
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that this field will grow through to 2020.
Salaries-Starting and maximum
A dentist's salary is based on factors, such as geography, working hours and dental specialty.
In Canada, the average salary of a dentist ranges from $100,000-$500,000.
Annual hourly earnings.
In Canada, dentists spend at least 8 years studying after high school.
One must have a bachelor's degree involving chemistry, biology or physics.
DAT before dental school
Another 4 or 5 years to complete dentistry degree.
Internships and dental residence programs.
Top grades
Dentists and their families get free health care.
Reimbursements for further education.
Free dental insurance.
Job Outlook
Published estimates have shown that there will be more job openings for dentists, since many dentists will be retiring.
Estimates show that in 2018, there will be a 16% increase.
This is due to the growing population.
Baby boomers will be in need of dental care.
The coverage of dental care will also increase insurance plans.

Being self-employed gives dentists much autonomy in their work.
They can choose their dental location.
Design their own office.
Hiring their own support staff.
Dentists have the flexibility to set their own schedule.
Dentists are required to constantly stand around and perform repetitive tasks that involve high precision.
They must stay focused when carrying out dangerous procedures.
Dentists usually have to stay in the same office for more than 40 hours a week.
Ideal Person
Good communication skills
Able to listen to patient's concerns.
Stay calm when treating difficult patients.
Kindness and compassion
demonstrate a desire to relieve patient's pain.
The definition of dental professionalism is some one that puts their patients above everything else.
They must have mastery in techniques.
Organize paperwork and file claims not provided by insurance companies.
Must be detail oriented and be precise with their hands.
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