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Van Gogh

No description

Jack T

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Van Gogh

Van Gogh
~The Man & The Art~
Malik, Derek, Josh, Jon

Though he believed he had to master drawing black + white before painting/drawing color.
Inspiration to creation
Van Gogh's thousands of paintings and drawings have various characteristics that have been copied by thousands and duplicated by none
Five commonalities between
Van Gogh and Kanye West
Even today artists still continue to mimic the style that Van Gogh created many years ago.
One artist who is leading the contemporary impressionists in an effort to become a modern day Van Gogh is Stefan Duncan.

His work is combined of brilliant colors tossed about in a whimsical style in which he calls squigglism. Duncan's work is "Neo-Gogh".
Made his drawings special because he didn't have to use color to depict his subjects + lighting.
Where'd he Gogh?
Moved to Paris in 1886, was extremely influenced by the Impressionist art movement.
He joined the movement experimenting with his brush stokes and colors.
Instead of using colors to capture what was actually there, he used it to convey the mood he wanted to create.
He used short broken brush strokes and a combination of dots to create a larger image instead of using solid colors to paint in areas.
Vincent van Gogh
Wheat Field with Cypresses
Symphony of Sunflowers
Stefan Duncan
Stefan Duncan created the impressionistic style of squigglism that is also described as a new branch of post-impressionism and neo-gogh
Duncan is just one example of a modern day artist who was impacted by Van Gogh.
His work is a combination of Neo-Gogh and his own style
Many artist today are helping to keep impressionism alive.
Van Gogh
Vital Kamorov
The portrait on the top is Van Gogh's own portait of himself after he cut his own ear off. Below is a duplicate portrait done by Vitali Kamarov. Kamarov is an example of modern day impressionism with a modern twist. He has many paintings and portraits that are inspired by Van Gogh.
Vitali Kamarov's version has the same features but more of a upgraded color and brighter schemes.
Who's Gogh?
Born 1853 in Groot-Zundert, Netherlands.
Died in France on July 29, 1890 at the age of 37 from a self-inflicted gunshot
Struggled with mental illness
Considered as the greatest Rembrandt
Family struggled financially
force to leave school to work
Post-impressionist painter who's work began to be notable for it's beauty, emotion and color
Drop outs
Van Gogh
was too poor to Complete school
Educated by parents
While attending Boarding school, Gogh was Mentored by artist Constant C. Huymans
Dropped out of school in 1866
Kanye though...
Kanye attended Chicago's American Academy of art (97')
Transferred to Chicago State University
Dropped out of school when he was 20
Gogh, West

Both artist were established well before being recognized
Gogh had the painted his famous Potato Eaters
Kanye had produced multiplatinum albums artists such as Jay-Z

Gogh, West

Both had religious inspirations:

Gogh painted "The Prayer"
West produced "Jesus Walks"
Gogh, West

Both were inspired by Japanese culture:

inspired by wood block prints from Japan called ukiyo-e
infused elements into his own paintings
Coined the term "Japonaiserie"
hired Takashi Murakami to design his Graduation album cover
Gogh, West

Gogh paved the way for Expressionists and inspired many
Willem de Kooning
Jackson Pollock

West continues to change the game in both visual art and music.
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