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No description

Eric Davis

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Culture

Structure of relationships within which culture is created and shared through regularized patterns of social interaction
Totality of shared language, knowledge, material objects,
and behavior

Culture shapes our perception, knowledge, and understanding
of the external world
Segment of society that
shares distinctive pattern
of mores, folkways, and values
that differs from the pattern
of the larger society.
Subculture that
conspicuously and
deliberately opposes
certain aspects of the
larger culture
Culture Shock

Feelings of disorientation,
uncertainty, and even fear
that people experience when
they encounter unfamiliar
cultural practices
Cultural Universals
Cultural Diffusion

Process by which some
aspect of culture
spreads from group
to group or society to
society via Mass media,
the Internet, immigration
and tourism

Common practices
and beliefs shared by
all societies:
sports, weddings, funerals, cooking, medicine, etc
Material Culture

Physical or technological
aspects of daily lives:
Food, Houses, Factories
Raw materials

Nonmaterial Culture

Ways of using material objects:
Customs, Beliefs, Philosophies,
Governnance, Patterns of communication
Damn Autocorrect…

Material Culture and Technology


“Cultural information about
how to use the material resources
of the environment to satisfy human needs
and desires” (Lenski)

Culture Lag:

Period of adjustment
when nonmaterial culture is struggling
to adapt to new conditions
of the material culture
Process of introducing
new ideas or objects to a culture


Making known or sharing the
existence of an aspect of reality


Combination of existing cultural items
into a form that did not exist before
Nonverbal Communication
Use of gestures, facial expressions, and other visual images to communicate

Learned different in different cultures
System of shared symbols;
includes speech, written
characters, numerals, symbols,
and nonverbal gestures and communication
A or B?
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