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middle ages, renaissance, and reformation

No description

billy agnew

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of middle ages, renaissance, and reformation

middle ages
lasted between 5th to 15th century
dated from 476AD to 1453AD
term refers to the fall of the roman empire
middle ages 2
there are three ages the early ages, the middle ages, and the late middle ages
also given the name the DARK AGE for the plague that struck Europe
middle ages 4
people thought that god could cure them from getting the plague
and islam rises
middle ages 5
middle ages were run by feudalism
in feudalism king gave big pieces of land called fiefs to the bishops and nobles
middle ages, renaissance, and reformation by : billy agnew
middle ages 3
black plague starts from fleas on rats
plague killed over 30% of Europe
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