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International Promotional Mix

No description

raqshanda khan

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of International Promotional Mix

Global Marketing and Understanding Global Consumer Behaviour By Santoshi Rampersad- Maharaj, Najma Adan and Raqshanda Khan International Promotional Factors Promotional Strategies Internet Promotion Publicity Promotion Advertisements PEST Analysis Consumer Profiling An Example of a Consumer Profile Consumer Profiling Table Of Contents The Promotional Mix What is the Marketing Mix? International Promotional Mix Marketing Mix
Promotional Mix
International Promotional Factors
Consumer Profiling
What is a PEST Analysis?
Maslow's Hierarchy
Globalisation and Competition
International and Global Marketing
Promotional Examples
Advantages and Disadvantages
Conclusion Advertising
Sales Promotions
Sponsorship and Events
Personal Selling
Public Relations/Publicity
Internet Demographics: Age, Population, Gender, Family Life Cycle, Income Level, Ethnicity. Political
General Motors: Facebook and Website Visa sponsorship for FIFA 2014 Canada Starbucks Print Ad Psychographics: Lifestyle, Tastes, Choices, Personality Traits. Geographics: Urban, Suburban, Rural. Product Use Statistics: Heavy, Medium or Light User. Louis Vuitton: Twitter, Website and Instagram. Messi for Adidas Summary Advantages Disadvantages Conclusion Questions? Thankyou! Why would people buy? Maslow's Hierarchy Why are companies branching out? Globalisation Competition Global or International? Global Marketing
International Marketing India Coca Cola audio visual Ad Maximum Utilisation of Resources
Benefits for the consumer.
Reduced Trade Fluctuations
Utilisation of Surplus Produce
Fosters International Trade Economical Social Technological Cultural factors Differences in Consumer needs and wants Competition
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