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Articles of Confederation

No description

Taylor Driesbach

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Articles of Confederation

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Taylor, Cristian, Rickey
Articles of Confederation
No Power to Tax – pay off debt
No Power to control Tariff
Jay-Gardoqui Treaty - Hard to pass Laws
No Navy – Barbary Pirates
No National Army – Shays Rebellion
Treaty of Paris 1783
Land Ordinance
Northwest Ordinance
There are 5 weaknesses and 3 positives of the Articles of Confederation
ability to regulate trade between states and countries
Treaty that demonstrated the ineffectiveness of passing laws. They needed 9 out of the 13 states to agree on a law so they could pass it.
NorthWest Ordinance
Provided a way to create a government.
Treaty of Paris 1783
US gets land all the way up to mississppi except Florida.
Land Ordinance
Provided a GRID way to sell land in NorthWest.
Ability to collect money to pay for government ad pay off debt
Jay Gordaqui Treaty
Barbary Pirates
Pirates in Africa that raided
American shipping. Government had no money/ships to stop them
Shay's Rebellion
Farmers rebellion in New
England that showed the lack of ability to raise
an army by the Federal Government
Written Battle for a New Government
This was between two groups, the federalist and the anti-federalist
These were the people that supported the new Constitution.
Federalist Papers
– writers who provided positives of
a strong central government. Those writers were
John Jay
Alexander Hamilton
, and
James Madison
Anti- Federalist
These were the non-supporters of a new Constitution
Anti-Federalist Papers
– writers against strong central government (wanted state power). Those writers were
Samuel Adams
Patrick Henry
, and
George Mason.
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