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Lord Raglan's Hero Pattern:

No description

Julia Roventa

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Lord Raglan's Hero Pattern:

Lord Raglan's Hero Pattern:
Prince Zuko
2. At childhood, an attempt is made by his father and paternal grandfather (#6):
1. He is the great-grandson of a "god" (#5):
3. His father is a king (#2):
4. He is spirited away (#7):
5. He is reared by a "foster parent" far away (#8):
6. On manhood he returns to his future kingdom (#10):
7. He is victorious over the future king (#11):
8. He becomes king (#13):
9. He prescribes laws (#15):
By Julia Roventa
His mother was the granddaughter of a being who is half-spirit, half-human, called the avatar. This being is the bridge between humans and spirits who is reincarnated every time he dies, and he is the "peace keeper" of the world. There is only ever one avatar at a time in the world. Zuko's grandfather is named Roku. Zuko doesn't know this for a very long time.
Background: This takes place during a 100 Years' War, and his paternal grandfather is the king who is continuing the war his father started against the entire world, for control and power of land. *** The story begins with Zuko's only cousin getting killed in the war, so his father (Prince Ozai) tries to usurp the throne from Zuko's uncle (the father of the man who has died) by speaking with the king and suggesting that his brother's birthright should be revoked since he no longer has an heir. Outraged, the king wants to punish Ozai for making such a suggestion so that he "knows the pain of losing a first-born son." He commands Ozai to murder his son. But his wife, Ursa, Zuko's mother, finds out about the plan and she poisons the king, killing him. She has done this to spare Zuko's life and to make her husband the king (and therefore he wouldn't have to kill his own son). Ursa is never seen again.
Zuko's father becomes a cruel, power-hungry king.
All his life, Zuko is abused by his father. One day, during a war meeting, he speaks out of turn, and his father punishes him by challenging him to a duel. Zuko refuses to fight him, and his father consequently burns him on the face, leaving half of it permanently scarred. He then
his son out of the kingdom, and he can't return unless he captures the powerful, mythical being of the avatar (in other words, he has to capture the reincarnation of his great-grandfather).*Roku supposedly disappeared 100 years ago before the start of the war and the avatar has never been seen since.*
Zuko's uncle Iroh (his father's brother) goes with him to help him find the avatar. But he teaches Zuko good values.
For 3 years Zuko is away from home, and he's finally spotted the avatar. During this time, he unexpectedly meets his sister Princess Azula. Together, they "kill" the avatar, and his father finally allows him back home. But by doing this, he betrays his uncle (because his uncle doesn't want the avatar to die) and lets him go to prison as a traitor.
He betrays his father in the end because he realizes that the whole war is wrong, and he wants to help mend it instead. He runs away from the kingdom for a time and then comes back, ready to fight and reclaim his throne. His little sister Azula is in the way, however, because she is next in line to be "king" and he must fight her to get it back. They duel, and he wins. (Meanwhile his father has been defeated by the long-lost avatar, but that's a whole different story!)
Zuko becomes king after defeating his sister and placing her in an asylum.
He ends the 100 Years' War and sets up an era of peace. He begins to make peace laws for the entire kingdom.
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