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Module 1: Unit 1: Lesson 9

No description

Trier Schneider

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Module 1: Unit 1: Lesson 9

Module 1: Unit 1: Lesson 9
The Hero's Journey, Part 2: What is a Hero?

Close Read
Read "The Hero's Journey" - Act 2 and Act 3
1. As you read, circle words that are unfamiliar
2. After each paragraph, write the gist (what that paragraph is
mostly about) in the margin.
Learning Targets
• I can practice reading closely.
• I can gather important details and determine the main idea of an
excerpt of the text “The Hero’s Journey.”
• I can use multiple strategies to determine the meaning of unfamiliar
words in “The Hero’s Journey.”
• I can make connections between Percy Jackson and “The Hero’s
What connections do you see between Percy's experiences in The Lightning Thief and "The Hero's Journey"?
Strategies for Finding Word Meanings
Important Details
Important details are quotes from the text that are essential to the author's meaning and purpose.
What was the gist of yesterday's article "The Hero's Journey?
Making Connections
What two strategies for finding word meaning have we learned so far this year?
On the next slide, write down the word in yellow, its definition, and how you determined its meaning.

You may use:
* prefix sheet,
* context clues,
* knowledge of root words.
Strategies for Finding Word Meanings
Heroes existing in a world is considered ordinary or
by those who live there.

As they
on their journey, the heroes enter a world they have never experienced before.

It might be filled with
creatures, breathtaking sights, and the constant threat of death.

Heroes are always started on their journey by a character who has mastered the laws of the outside world and come back to
this wisdom upon them.

At long last the reach the Supreme
, the obstacle they have journeyed so far to overcome.
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