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Portable Laser Pen that can Heal Wounds

No description

Jamie Powell

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Portable Laser Pen that can Heal Wounds

How it works
This laser would be used to seal any wound made to the body.
The laser had to first be safe, so it must have a temperature limit that prevents overheating.
The laser works just as stitches would, with the exception of a faster healing process, and less scarring.
Very few of this product have been created, it is still in the lab being tested out.
So far they have tested it on pigs and it has been a huge sucess, they look for it to come out around 2017.
When this product is released, it will only be available to hospitals or surgeons. This will not be available for just anyone to buy yet.
This can benefit our society with less infection, and a faster healing process.
Anyone would want to purchase this product, it help you get back youre normal body where a scar will barely be noticable.
Portable Laser Pen that can Seal Wounds
Jamie Powell
4th period

Portable laser pen that can seal wounds
This laser can make the healing process quicker.
There is a less chance of the wound getting an infection.
This pen could save lives in the future, if a hospital is 50 miles away and theres someone with an open wound dying, they could close the wound.
This will be a very useful tool to have around for several reasons.
There are many positive outcomes from the laser that stitches can't offer.
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