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Final NEC iAwards - No Where to Run and Hide

No description

Melissa Madgwick

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Final NEC iAwards - No Where to Run and Hide

to run
to hide
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
Situational analysis in South Australia
SAPOL is committed to equipping its officers with the latest technologies to:
Fight crime, reduce paperwork and keep the State’s community safe
. SAPOL and NEC’s Portable Finger Print scanning solution meet the challenge.
The SAPOL mobile fingerprint scanning solution developed with NEC Australia
The SAPOL mobile fingerprint scanning solution developed with NEC Australia
The case for a new technology
How the technology supports the
Police Force
Social &
Social &
Real-life case study on how the technology works protecting the community
Social &
Technical overview
Media Coverage Received
Thank you
Media coverage achieved

The distance of police stations in South Australia can be many hours away
Without a mobile solution officers may:
Loose significant time in confirming the identity of a person
of interest.
Quickly and accurately
identify persons of interest while in the field
Profoundly effects the time

police will have available
to patrol South Australia’s streets
A fingerprint match using MFS provides a powerful range of background information, in near
real time such as:
Criminal records, outstanding warrants, wanted criteria (ie breaching bail), photographs, address and
‘tendency to violence’
How the technology supports the Police Force...
Example 1:
Policing Entertainment Districts has issues involving alcohol, drugs,crowds and patrols on foot and isolated.
Example 2:
Policing Transit Systems involves dealing with peak hour crowds that are in-transit across a range of options including trams, buses and trains.
Local development
Other Key technical features:
Accurate results
Practical in its portability
Scalable, wrt technology used and staffing requirements
Designed to integrate and adept with SAPOL’s operating , processes and legislative structures.
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