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How NOT to sell: selling FAILS

Stanford crash Course on Creativity Assignment #2 Observation

Eugenija Marksaitė

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of How NOT to sell: selling FAILS

Step #1 put a scary
security guard with
a shotgun
the shop Step #2 pretend that
your shop
is a crime scene.
stick the
"do not enter" tape Step #3 don't clean
the windows.
ever. Step #4 select
random colors.
the more florescent,
the better Step #5 remember
NOT to clean
the windows.
even if
you're fancy Step #6 pretend you're a hardware store,
but actually sell furniture Step #7 put a giant
Christmas tree
on October 1st.
the sooner
the better,
right? Step #8 stash up your
don't use
the stockroom Step #8.1 don't order your goods:
sexy stilettos go perfectly
with cozy autumn boots Step #9 sell autumn collection
in a tropical
climate country.
+26 C (79 F)
is freezing cold Step #10 stay in fashion:
red goes with white
this season
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