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Concerto Grosso

No description

C Robertson

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Concerto Grosso

This section is made up of a group of soloists. Concertino the main body of strings which is sometimes referred to as the 'tutti' section. Ripieno played by the harpsichord or organ and often supported by the cello. The continuo plays throughout all of the music, filling out the harmonies. Basso Continuo The Concerto
Grosso BAROQUE Bach's Brandenburg Concerto in D Major
Mvt. III Contains 3 main sections and usually has three movements
( fast, slow, fast). solo solo tutti The first movement of a concerto grosso is always in Ritornello form.

(Ritornello means return) The Ritornello is a main theme or idea which repeats!

Each time it repeats, it is played by the whole orchestra (continuo, ripieno and concertino) tutti What instruments are playing the Concertino? Listen out for the Ritornello form in 'Spring' from Vivaldi's Four Seasons! Is the music in simple or compound time? TIMBRE Listen to the contrast between the solo violin and the ensemble! This work is called
“Spring.” Do you
hear any sounds that might suggest this
season of the year? Ritornello theme
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