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Right Judgement

No description

liane castro

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Right Judgement

Right Judgement What this gift means to us... Lets get started! That is why it is so important
to make right judgements and follow this gift of the Holy Spirit. We must also do this so that we won't get ourselves into horrible situations we would'nt want to be in. Every decision we make effect in us in countless ways Right judgement means to make right decisions in our lives. By following this gift of the Holy Spirit you wont be worried about getting pressured because God will always guide you when you're making right judgements. This gift means to do things right for the better. One example of making right decisions in our lives is when we don't given into pressure. We all have those friends who pressure us to do horrible things. First off.... Right Judgement also means that we should always think before we act. Sometimes in our lives we are put in situations where we must choose between bad or good. We must first always think before we do something or else we might regret our actions or decisions. That is why we must always make right judgements so that we don't get into things we will regret. Lastly, to us, Right Judgement means that we understand that asking God for support and faith to make right decisions is a good thing. We guess that this meaning of Right Judgement, means that when were going through troubles making decisions, always talk to God and he will help you through it. One example of this meaning is the story of Susanna in Daniel 13;15-62. In the story, Susanna had to choose between two decisions. Susanna chose the one that would not have her sin to the Lord. Through the story she was blamed and was condemned to death.By praying and crying to God, God helped her because she did the good thing and made the right decision. So he made Daniel and saved her. (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Secondly,.. We need this gift in our lives so that we can talk to God and have a good path to guide us when we're making decisions. To conclude....
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