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F2F Upper UT 9 The silver screen

No description

Go English Live

on 22 July 2017

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Transcript of F2F Upper UT 9 The silver screen

The movies
Passive voice
There is a lot of vocabulary specifically for entertainment.
So and Such
We use as + noun to say that someone has a particular job.
How do we use....
It was so heavy I couldn't lift it.
In the passive sentence, the focus is on what happens to someone or something rather than on who or what does the action.
That movie was very far-fetched.
Her dad works as a pharmacist.
release date
What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
special effects
Can you make questions with these words?
The object is more important
object+the verb to be + the past participle of the verb
We sometimes don't know who or what does the action
The passive can be used with many verb tenses.
I wanted to be rewarded for the job.
past participle
I was given an award.
past participle
What a gripping ending.
The important part is to go over vocabulary really carefully for this chapter.
We use like + clause to say that things happen in a similar way.
We use like+ noun (or pronoun) to say that something is similar to something else.
Martin Garrix was great like he always is.
That car smells like rotten eggs.
We use such as or like to introduce examples. •
Actors such as the ROCK are beloved by their fans.
The movie was so long that I had to leave before the ending.
That clauses are normal when we use SO
such a sad ending
Such a hard class
There were so many people at the race.
There have been so much support.
as, like, such as, so, such
All of these expressions are great and you should try using them.
In informal spoken English we often miss out words when the meaning is clear .
Are you still enjoying being an English teacher?
Normal question
We can leave out (are you)
This is actually quite common
Do you know what a homonym is?
Homonyms are words with the same spelling and pronunciation, but different meanings.
address (to speak to)/address (location)
air (oxygen)/air (a lilting tune)
band (a musical group)/band (a ring)
bark (a tree’s out layer)/bark (the sound a dog makes)
current (up to date)/current (flow of water)
die (to cease living)/die (a cube marked with numbers one through six)
fair (equitable)/fair (beautiful)
kind (type)/kind (caring)
lie (to recline)/lie (to tell a falsehood)

This is an interesting part of the language.
Unit 9
The End- Remember this is supposed to be a Preview of the lesson so that you can take advantage of every minute in the class with your teacher.
Difficult to believe
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