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Ocean Pollution

No description

Sebastian/Cassie Glasby

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Ocean Pollution

The Ocean: Is it Really Water? The Oil Spill (2010) In 2010 There was an Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico it came from an explosion of an Oil refinery in the middle of the Gulf. You Know all of the Garbage in the Ocean ends up? Do you think it eventually disappears? Because It doesn't. What Pollution Does
To The Animals.... How would you feel if you think that you are going to eat your favorite snack but to find out that its something that kills you? Well that is what you are doing to a lot of animals that live in the sea when you pollute. Many natural occurring events would be stopped or slowed down due to Ocean pollution which is why we need to stop.. Source: ocean pollution, http://questgarden.com/124/08/2/110412104118/index.htm This sea turtle thought this plastic bag was a jelly fish... This seal was just swimming to find some fish to eat, when he/she got caught in a fish net... source: human impact on coral reefs, http://coralpeople.wordpress.com/humanimpacts/ by Cassie/Sebastian The Spill itself drove out nearly all of the native Mammals and Fish in the Area and harmed many new generations of fish too. Most of the World is covered in water and many of Earth's Animals thrive in it's Oceans. If we keep polluting the ocean it could have several different outcomes in the future. If we kill things that we need aren't we just going to harm ourselves in the process? Many Species of Fish such as the Blue fin Tuna has Declined in Population Growth due to the Oil Spill. Because of this recent Pollution to their Natural Environment they have been classified as an Endangered Species Ocean Garbage Patches Ocean Garbage Patches are basically the dumpsters of the oceans. Due to the currents in the Oceans there are currently 6 Garbage Patches all around the Oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage patch however is by far the biggest.
It has collected so much Garbage that it's bigger than France.
The Water their is so Dirty that Scuba Divers can barely see when they're swimming and the Water in that General Area has a PH of 5. What Can we do to Help. Well there are several Ways to Help. One of the most littered and polluting things that is in the ocean is Plastic Bags and there are several unique and creative ways you can recycle Plastic Bags and many other Polluting Items such as Glass Bottles, Aluminum Cans, etc. RECYCLING CLEANING You can also go to the many beaches we have here in Florida and go clean up all the garbage that's littered all over the white Sandy Beaches. ORGANIZING GROUPS Source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Pollution_g405-Polluted_River_Full_Of_Rubbish_And_Fishes_p157011.html Source: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1214921 You can go out in the community or at school to help raise awareness on the ongoing problem. You can make groups that can raise money to help clean the oceans or go make a beach cleaning group and go clean the beaches with your friends. Imagine if we didn't have fish like these in our oceans. This is a Pile of Garbage, Literally right next to some Fish Trying to live their lives. SOURCES: Video Source: https://vimeo. com/38982663 Fish Clip Art: http://openclipart.org/detail/84133/ordinary-fish-by-mlampret

http://openclipart.org/detail/177380/anchovy-fish-by-gr8dan-177380 Source: Do Something You are here Home
11 Facts about the BP Oil Spill
http://www.dosomething.org/tipsandtools/11-facts-about-bp-oil-spill This is a baby alligator that what swimming in the gulf with the rest of his/her family, when the oil spill happened. This alligator is one of the few swimming animals, in the gulf that survived. How would you feel if you just found out that you where the last person in your family left on earth that is alive? This is kinda how this baby alligator is right now alone and hurt. Over 30,000 people responded to the spill in the Gulf Coast working to collect oil, clean up beaches, take care of animals and perform various other duties. As of 2012, the Gulf was still polluted with oil. Help keep our ocean a spectacular place for every one to see!! www.stock.xchng.com freedigitalphotos.net vimeo.com openclipart.org
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