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4th grade NYS ELA Module Implementation Guide

The 4th grade teachers of Gloverville Enlarged School Distrcit Roll out Plan for the NYS ELA modules for 2013

Brett King

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of 4th grade NYS ELA Module Implementation Guide

Module 1: Native Americans In New York
(12 Weeks)
Module 2a: Interdependent Roles In Colonial America
(10 Weeks)
Module 3b: Important Roles During the Revolutionary War
( 7 weeks +-)
Module 4: The Leadership of Frederick Douglass, Susan B.
Anthony, and DeWitt Clinton
(7 weeks +-)
NYS 4th Grade ELA Module Implementation Plan
Module Decisions & Mapping
These modules were choosen to replace our current social studies curriculum for the 4th grade
Rubicon Atlas has been updated and modified to meet these current ideas
All materials were ordered to each individual building for each grade level teacher
Literary materials ordered:
Critical Texts,
Recomended Texts
Implementation Materials:
Physical materials list
Tentative AIS Plan
RTI - 3 Tier Approach
Tier 1 - Classroom "Work Time" Groups
Use of Homogenous & Heterogenous groupings depending on skills being practiced, as discussed during weekly planning meetings.
Tier 2- Combination of a 3/2 push in pull out
model in coordination with our AIS
Tier 3- 5X 30 Pull out service for intensive
comprehension and word attack skills
Assessment Procedure
Multiple forms of assessment
Summative: Mid Unit & End of Unit Assessments
Grading Scale:
NYS 4th grade ELA short and extended response rubrics ( 2Pt. & 4 Pt.)
Tentative Professional Development Plan
Utilization of one grade level meeting a month
Module disccusion to be held at each
Module highs & lows
Modifications due to assessments
ELA prepartation
Planning Module 3B and 4
identify and order critical and recomended texts
map out more definitive timelines

Formative: Fist to Five protocol ( Appendix A)
Student/Teacher learning target rating sheets
Report Card Guide to assist in transfer of targets to report card catagories.
ELA Module Set up
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