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Copy of ISE515_Template for team2

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Abdulaziz Aldhmash

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of ISE515_Template for team2

Resource Management


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Presented by: Team 2
Christine Chung
Hunyoung Kim
Jose Borunda
Sandeep Kaur
Abdulaziz Aldhmash
What are the goals of RM?
RM contributes significantly in
the products and in controlling the
finance system
Project Managers use tools to increase business success
Ex: Oracle- Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Primavera
Steve Jobs on RM-"run by ideas not hierarchy"
Modern PM tools include

internet-based application
that serve as a hub for all your people-related activities, including communication, development, measurement, and compensation

Manage the capacity and deployment of people and assets for project work by
finding and deploying
most qualified resources
to your global projects

Oracle Primavera – Resource Loading
Increase efficiency and reduce waste.

RM has a major role in the production processes such as
quality, design and overall efficiency.
RM is increasing in today’s competitive
global markets.

Q&A Session
Thank You

Efficient and effective deployment
of an organization's resources when they are needed

What's needed for Resource Management/planning?
HRM is an important part in managing an organization's workforce
With sophisticated RM tools, PMs can accurately
forecast future workforce needs
manage resources
. It helps PMs increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and lower costs.
- Human resources
- Tangible property (other than land or buildings) that is used in the operations of a business
something designed, to serve a specific function affording a convenience or service
Meeting room, laboratory,
Financial resources
Natural resources
Information technology (IT)
- technology (software, hardware etc) resources
Types of Resources
Microsoft Project for Resource Management
PMs rationalize resources and look for trends
Skilled personnel (entry-level to directors)
Over allocated resources
Availability of resources
Estimating duration as a function of resource availability
Take advantage of your slack time
Rationalizing Resources
How To Fix Overallocation-Leveling
2 ways to correct overallocation:
Delaying a task
Splitting a task
Resource Tradeoff
Laborer Allocation Ex-Construction

Resource Tradeoff “Truth”
Measure the important variables, not the variables that are easy to measure.

Risk with RM
Leveling resources – May extend the project duration and not meet the deadline
Compressing resources (using resources in parallel activities)
Increases risk of low-quality management
Increases communications challenges
More quantities of resources may be required.
Crashing/Accelerating (adding more resources to accelerate the project.)
May increase project cost
Reduce the effectiveness of existing resources

Identify Risk
Determine and prioritize which related resources are a higher priority for the success of the project
Determine by time limitation (order/lead time)
Determine by # of quantity availability
Find 2nd options as back-up
Monitor & Control

Risk Mitigation
The process by which a job vacancy is identified and
potential employees
are notified

Developing the employee can be regarded as investing in a valuable asset

Measuring Productivity
Set up random methods of quality control
Survey clients about their customer service experience
Evaluate performance of employees by considering all areas of their work ethic and individual achievements
Initiate basic employee appraisals to indicate performance levels

Plan the selection process
Prepare for the interviews
Conduct the interviews
Check the references of your final candidates
Make your decision and review it
Make the offer
Do the paperwork
The process of assessing candidates and appointing a post holder
“The day you stop learning is the day you stop living”-Richard Branson (founder of Virgin airlines)

Challenges lead to protecting resources
Risks lead to decision-making
Decisions lead to trade-offs
Proper analysis of resource capacity, allocation, work management, collaboration and task management lead to business success
When a company efficiently manages resources they make a transition for business growth easier
Track Skills and Availability
Automate Resource Management Requests and Bookings
Manage Resources Globally
Forecast and Report on Resources
Resource Management Library

However, Jobs suggests that the RM should
manage ideas
for the company and
not the people
But how does a PM manage their people resources and other resources when firms are expanding globally?
Financial Resources
Equipment/Materials Resources
money available
to a business for spending in the form of cash, liquid securities and credit lines

sources of finance available
to a business
identify the sources of finance available
assess the implications of the different sources
evaluate appropriate sources

implications of finance
as a resource within a business
analyze costs of different sources of finance
financial planning
assess information needs of different decision makers
understand impact financial statements

financial decisions
based on financial
data and facts
analyze budgets and make appropriate decisions
Calculate unit costs and make pricing decisions
assess growth of a project using investment appraisal techniques

financial performance
of a business
main financial statements
compare appropriate formats of financial statements for different types of business
interpret financial statements using appropriate statistics, both internal and external
are the driving resources for most projects. Managing finances builds
project viability

The need for equipment/materials resource management drives the project schedule
Ex: Imaging Equipment Project Management
What's the
between resource management and equipment management?

The answer lies in
who is using
the equipment, and
who is maintaining
the equipment, and the
communication between the two
Man hour
Equipment hour
Material Usage
Cash Flow
Resource Management
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