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Moodle Supporting PLCs

Presentation at the 2010 Midwest Moodle Moot in Goshen on how Bismarck Public Schools uses Moodle to support the subject/grade level PLCs

Dave Sherwin

on 18 October 2011

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Transcript of Moodle Supporting PLCs

Challenge The
Opportunity Guaranteed Viable across the district
Aligned to the state standards and benchmarks
Develop hybrid courses with our PLCs Professional
Communities District Subject Area
Grade Level Resources
Administration and Department
Adding School Level Organization Forums To successful communicate in an online environment
To track changes in the Targeted Benchmark Wiki (using auto-linking)
To post general announcements for members
Other Calendars To successful coordinate events in an online environment
To share events from District > Course(School) > Groups > Individual
Other Number of schools: 21
15 elementary schools
3 middle schools
2 senior highs
1 alternative high school.

Number of employees: 1,671
888 teachers
686 support staff
50 professional support staff
47 administrators

Enrollment: 10,740
We are the largest school district in the state
5,631 in elementary
2,580 in middle school
2,529 in senior high

Average Class Size: 20.0
Average Elementary Section Count: 40 Using to Support
a Professional Learning Community David Sherwin Curriculum Wiki A collection of collaboratively authored web documents
A tool for group collaboration for creating group projects
Targeted Benchmarks
Meeting Minutes Resources Compose a web page with a simple HTML Editor
Shared resources organized in directories eg. (flipcharts - pdf)
Web links to district organized sites Bismarck
District Supporting
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