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Timeline of Hosting International Events

This is a timeline of the event process when you are hosting an international meal packaging event

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Transcript of Timeline of Hosting International Events

International Meal Packaging
Timeline for Hosting an Event
Week 1
Week 5
Stop Hunger Now receives your initial interest email
Return Questionnaire 1
Week 2
Week 4
Start fund-raising for your event!
This is when you start your conversation with our Director of International Affiliate Development, Andrew Sullivan, about the vision for your event. He will develop a team of SHN Staff to help you plan and facilitate your event.
Your fund-raising never stops throughout the event planning process. It is very important to start fund-raising as early as possible to help reach your goal.
Receive information on How to Host and "Questionnaire 1"
Now we know you're interested in hosting an event!
This information gives an overview of the event planning process, describe our minimum requirements, and allow us to get a better idea of what you envision for your event.
Week 9-10
Week 3
Week 8
Week 7
Only $0.29 USD per meal!
Receive Questionnaire 2
This questionnaire is to be turned in as soon as you are able to fill out all of the answers. It may take a few weeks, but it will help Stop Hunger Now staff keep all of the information about your event in one place.
This is the time that we dig in to details and host the first logistical call. You will meet your Stop Hunger Now team so that you can start making important decisions on the event meal goal, date, venue, and other logistical requirements.
Keep fund-raising!!
Why local purchasing?
Purchasing ingredients and supplies locally creates an added benefit for local farmers and businesses!
Week 6
It's Finally Here!!
Friday - Event Set-Up Day
Saturday - Event Day!
Purchase Ingredients and Equipment Locally
Start your Marketing Campaign
Keep on fund-raising!!
At this time the host organization needs to start purchasing the 6 items needed for the event. The cost of these items will come out of the total event budget of $0.29 USD per meal.
Start Recruiting Volunteers
Establish Your Event Shift Schedule
Finish up your fund-raising!!
If your venue will not fit all of the volunteers at once, it could be best to organize them in shifts. Shifts will last approximately 2 hours and need to have a proportional amount of volunteers to meals being packaged.
This would include any emails, flyers, mailings or media coverage you would like to have to inform others about your event.
Meal Packaging Volunteers can be members of your organization or employees. You can also invite family members or members of the public! Meal packaging is great for any age group!
Week 11-12
Plan your event agenda!
Notify the local media of your event
Start thinking about the set-up date and time, what time each shift will be, how long clean up will take, registration (if wanted) and any other details about your event you would like to include.
After completing your press release, start finding media contacts to call and email your press release to. For example, some events have the local news station cover their event live during the packaging process!
Week 13-15
Keep Contacting Media
Make Last Minute Changes
Start Your Volunteer Registration
Keep trying to get some last minute media attention
If you have decided to register your volunteers, try starting the registration process at least a week before the event.
Wrap up any loose ends and make any last minute changes to the event.
Week of the Event!!
Stop Hunger Now Staff will arrive in country to assist in final preparations and event facilitation
Stop Hunger Now Staff visits event venue and storage facility to take inventory of the supplies. They can then report on any challenges or existing issues
Your team and the Stop Hunger Now Staff will gather last minutes items and connect transportation/freight companies to confirm the outgoing shipment of packaged meals after the event.
Today, your team and the Stop Hunger Now Staff will work together to set-up everything like assembly line, registration/orientation areas, and arrange last-minute preparations for the event. Some activities will include:
Raw ingredients and equipment transferred to venue
Volunteer leaders (25-75) will arrive to help unload trucks and set-up the ingredients and equipment. They will also be trained on the meal packaging process.
Orientation/Merchandise sales areas will be set up with booths and displays
Parking for key sponsors and staff will be reserved
Last minute items will be purchased if necessary
Media contacted and confirmed for the event tomorrow
Your team will meet with the Stop Hunger Now staff after set-up completion to discuss the next day event and report on progress.
Volunteers of all ages will gather in shifts to package meals for the hungry while learning about poverty, and service. Aside from meal packaging, some other activities include:
Before the Event:
Your team and the Stop Hunger Now staff will meet 1 hour before the start of the first shift to run last minute checks of the set-up
Your team and the Stop Hunger Now staff will work to facilitate orientation and registration and directing volunteers to their stations
A designated member of your team will assist any media outlets in gathering interviews, footage, etc.
During the event for each shift:
Volunteers arrive, get registered and attend orientation
Volunteers transfer to meal-packaging-event packaging room, apply hand sanitizer and a hair net, and follow their team leader to their positions
Volunteers will start packaging food
At the end of the shift, volunteers will help to prepare for the following shift
After the event: Celebrations!!
Congratulations on your Event!
Assemble your team!
Typically a team of around 2-5 people is sufficient to carry out the event planning process. Each person performs a role essential to organizing the event. Be sure to pick a team leader!
Have a call with your SHN event team!
Due to the added cost of organizing events over seas, we have established a minimum meal goal of 142,500 meals. This would be enough meals to fill a 20ft container.
Establish your goal
Once the Nondisclosure Agreement is signed we will provide you with specifics on ingredients and equipment that are needed for the event
Sign the NDA
Research your venue
For every person attending your event , you need about 20 square feet (on average)
Establish the number of volunteers
Each volunteer can package 300 meals in the 2 hour time period. So divide your meal goal by 300 to determine how many volunteers you need!
Locate and Determine the Cost of Goods for the event
You need to help acquire just 4 items:
Long Grain White Rice
Textured Soy Flour
Dehydrated Vegetable Blend/Lentils
Boxes for meals
Return Questionnaire 2
All questions on this document should be answered
by now. With all information in one document,
it will be easier for Stop Hunger Now to keep
track of important event details.
Continue to locate and determine your cost of goods for the event
Develop your marketing campaign!
Contact possible vendors for price quotes and find the best rate for what is needed. If you cannot find a certain ingredient, contact your SHN event team and they can help find a substitute.
Advertise for your event and find some media contacts to connect with so that your event can be in the news!
Confirm your Venue!
Make sure you schedule time for set-up and take down!
Keep fund-raising!
Find a storage facility for your event supplies, if needed
Once supplies have been ordered for the event you may need to find a place to store them. Try asking for donated space and be sure there is room for a shipment of equipment from the U.S.!
Receive and return the Declaration of Mutual Understanding
This document summarizes the essential goals, roles and responsibilities of both Stop Hunger Now and the event host organization. It also confirms the essential details of the event including:
Meal packaging goal
Number of volunteers
Total fund-raising goal
Portion of funds sent to Stop Hunger Now US
Date when funds must be received by Stop Hunger Now US
Continue fund-raising!
Planning for Travel to Event Begins
Stop Hunger Now will provide staff to facilitate your event. This is when we begin planning travel.
Supplies Shipped from the U.S.
This shipment contains all of the supplies you need for your event including sealers, bins, liners, vitamins, the gong and much more.
Create a Press Release
A press release is a great resource to give local media all
the info on your event in one document. Notify your
local paper or news station to see if you can get
some coverage of your event so that you can
inspire others in the community to take
action as well!
Send event funds to Stop Hunger Now
Send the required portion of funding to Stop Hunger Now's Headquarters
Double-Check Inventory
Visit your storage facility and check off all ingredients needed to make sure nothing is missing.
By now the shipment from the
US should have arrived. Help
clear it from customs and store it
in your temporary storage facility.
Clear Shipment of Equipment
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