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How does Canada help other countries recover from natural disasters?

By Zelia:) This is my SS research project/inquiry question

Guthrie Gryphons

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of How does Canada help other countries recover from natural disasters?

Which countries has Canada helped recover from natural disasters?
Canada usually helps anywhere but mostly places on tectonic plates or special spots in the world where natural disasters are known to happen, like the Philippines, Haiti, or Japan, just because they happen so frequently there. Canada has also helped in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Honduras, and other countries.
The Government of Canada organisation called the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART), an NGO called MSF/Doctors Without Boarders, and many other Canadian organisations help other countries recover from natural disasters.
Which natural
disasters has Canada helped other countries recover from?
Canada has helped during the 2010 Haiti earthquake, 2005 Pakistan earthquake, 2004-5 Sri Lanka tsunami, 1999 Turkey earthquake, 1998 Honduras hurricane, and many more.
Why does Canada help other countries recover from natural disasters?
Canadians feel that it is important to help countries who need help or can't help themselves. If we can help stop people dying and being injured, we will, and we'll try as hard as we can. We are a developed and fortunate country who are willing to share things we have plenty of with people who have none.
How does Canada help other countries recover from natural disasters?
Natural disasters are a very big problem throughout the world. Recovering from them takes a lot of time, especially in developing countries which don't have all the tools, money, or resources developed countries have to help them overcome these disasters. These countries need help from other countries like Canada, so how does Canada help other countries recover from natural disasters?
The French (with Canadian branch) organisation called MSF/Doctors Without Boarders help countries recover from natural disasters by providing mostly medical (but also non-medical) care to the country and its survivors. MSF were/are a very big help during natural disasters including the Philippines typhoon of November 2013. During natural disasters, MSF perform surgeries, treat diseases, provide clinics and vaccinations, and sometimes even repair the sewage systems. Visit www.msf.ca for more information.
Which agencies help?
MSF/Médecins Sans Frontières (or in English, Doctors Without Borders)
Disaster Assistance
Response Team (DART)
DART is a Government of Canada organisation who helps in disaster relief worldwide. It has helped in various disasters, like the 2005 Pakistan earthquake and 2010 Haiti earthquake. DART mainly helps by purifying water, providing medical aid, transporting victims, and engineering.
by Zelia
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